Western Maryland Cadillac Railcar #6


In early 1946, the Western Maryland purchased 17 assorted highway vehicles to “handle men and material over highways eliminating delays and expediting work” according to WMR documention. Included in this group was a five-passenger Cadillac Sedan to be used as an Official Car. By 1955, the 1946 Cadillac was “no longer appropriate for official use” and converted to Rail Motor Car #6 in 1956 for a total of $500.00. It was retired in 1968 and sold. The #6 was purchased by the museum from the estate of John J. Warfield of Washington, D.C.


First Ride Raffle: (July 5, 2019 – July 4, 2020)

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How to get tickets:

  1. At the Exhibit Hall – Darden Mill, Elkins WV.  In person or by phone.
  2. Online – use our donation button to buy tickets. Make sure to include:
    • “Cadillac Raffle” in the comment box before submitting.
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    • Mailing address – if you would like to receive physical tickets. You will otherwise receive confirmation by email.

Spring 2019: Thanks to a generous gift from the Ratcliffe Foundation in honor of Frederick D. Harmen, significant movement on the restoration of Rail car #6 has begun. Mr. Harmen (Elkins, WV) worked as a railway mail clerk for many years. The WVRRM Board of Director’s voted to restrict this gift ($10,000.00) for the Cadillac restoration.


It is the vision of the WVRRM to see the Cadillac restored and operational – allowing us to offer passenger rides. An exact timeline for the restoration remains to be determined.

To learn more about the current condition of the car and what needs to be done to fulfill our vision please view this presentation compiled by Board Member – Bryan Totten (April 2019)