Highballing Towards 2017

As of October, the museum brought to a conclusion its 2016 exhibit “Keeping Them Turning: Mid-Century Railroading in West Virginia” which was viewed by over 800 visitors.  Thanks to the Western Maryland Historical Society (WMHS) who loaned many artifacts and pictures, the museum was able to convey the tale of the post World War II Western Maryland workforce.  The museum wishes to thank all those who visited and the WMHS who contributed to another successful year.

Moving forward, preparations are already well under way for the 2017 exhibit that will cover the saga of the state’s logging railroads and the logging boom they spurred on during the turn of the nineteenth century.  Mark your calendars for mid April and be sure to swing by Elkins to experience the tale of a land being transformed by steam.


A climax locomotive and her crew bring a loaded log train to the mill at Rainelle WV. Photo credit: West Virginia & Regional History Center. WVU Libraries


The purpose of the West Virginia Railroad Museum, Inc. is to be a cultural resource dedicated to educating visitors and the community about West Virginia’s railroad history.

This mission will be accomplished through the collection, preservation and interpretation of significant locomotives, rolling stock, artifacts, photographs and memorabilia directly related to railroads and railroading in West Virginia. In addition to static exhibits, select pieces of equipment in the collection are restored and operated throughout the year to demonstrate steam, gasoline, and diesel technology and provide visitors with a first-hand experience of our railroad history through the sights, sounds, and sensations of a train ride.

The West Virginia Railroad Museum will stimulate economic tourism development by promoting the essence and spirit of West Virginia’s railroad heritage through educational programs including operations, safety and interpretation of historic railroad equipment, structures, engineering and trackage.